Eye Health IssuesIf asked why they wear sunglasses, a good majority of all people would surely state simple practical reasons. They would say it was because they wanted to reduce the glare and brightness of the sun to a comfortable level, but it’s quite possible a nice proportion of these replies would be nothing else than porky pies.

Most of us know but rarely admit that the most popular reason of all for buying sunglasses is to look the part. If that wasn’t the case, we would all be quite happy to put on the cheapest pair of tinted shades we could ever find and little else. But that’s not the case, right? Some people would always think wearing sunglasses has reached absurdly pretentious levels but few of these people will realise that wearing sunglasses offers a hell of a lot more benefits than they thought.

Certainly, you look good, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Let’s put it that way – have you ever considered what sunlight, strong enough to burn skin, might be able to do to your eyes? Admittedly, that’s not a pretty thought, but a serious and important one nevertheless.

Here is a look at five of the most common health problems quality sunglasses reduce the risks of:


Cataracts is a condition where eye’s lens starts to become cloudy. Once developed, the condition makes it impossible to see clearly and on that account it poses a serious danger. Additionally, Cataracts can lead to total and permanent blindness when and if the condition is left untreated or gets too severe. A number of studies have linked the sun’s UV rays and the development of Cataracts. Therefore, the medical experts always advise that high-quality sunglasses should be worn in order to reduce the risk of Cataracts development.


This is a condition which could be best described as eye sunburn. Not surprisingly, this medical issue has the tendency to be one of the most unpleasant and frankly painful the sun’s rays can cause on human eyes in a short period of time. Sun exposure for even a couple of hours can result in sore, dry and teary eyes that will stay like that until the sensitive eye tissue has been able to heal itself. And since we can’t really smear sunscreen into our eyes, the best protection of all will be wearing quality sunglasses when out and about.


This is the medical name given to a non-cancerous growth in the eye that can occur at any point in life. It’s one of the most common eye problems and is highly prevalent in people who spend a large amount of time outdoors. Occurring in the white part of the eye, the condition is largely harmless and would not cause a great deal of pain but can leave you feel as you have some small debris in your eye. It can also make the white of the eye slightly yellowish, which is far from looking particularly attractive.


If it’s not treated and the eyes are still exposed to sunlight, a pinguecula can become a prerygium – a more serious medical condition where the eye gets covered with a growth filled with tiny blood vessels. It’s again not a life-threatening problem, but an alarming one nonetheless, and when and if it grows to a size that threatens the cornea, it can start interfering with vision. At that stage, the only viable solution is medical surgery and while this should deal with the problem, there is always the chance that the issue will reappear at a later time.

Jet Lag

And one surprise contender on a final note! Extensive studies have shown that protecting your eyes from sun’s UV rays on a long trip that is going to take you into a different time zone can reduce to a significant extent the jet lag effect you will feel or it will be nowhere as unpleasant as it could have been. Admittedly, it sounds a bit crazy, but the trick is all about fooling your body’s internal clock by reducing the amount of UV rays your eyes are going to be exposed to.

We leave you these important considerations in mind when choosing your new shades and hope you will be able to make an educated decision when it comes to your vision and health.

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Sunglasses for FishingFishing is both one of the most relaxing and wonderful pastimes and a sport. If you plan to go in for fishing in your spare time, here are some questions most often asked by people who would like to learn the basics about fishing. The answers below can help you learn the basics you need and discover why fishing is so attractive to so many people.

Will It Cost a Lot of Money?

Fishing can be very expensive, or it can cost you very reasonable amounts. It depends on how you decide to approach your beginning in this popular pastime activity. You can start with the basic equipment, a fishing line and bait, a decent pair of polarised sunglasses to eliminate reflections that bounce of the water’s surface, and you can then master the art of sitting patiently until the fish bites the bait. With more practice it becomes more interesting and enticing to learn about more sophisticated fishing equipment. Fishing tackle shops abound in equipment which can help you fine tune your enjoyment and turn the activity into a really professional-level experience.

How Can I Learn More about Fishing?

Not only friends who already have practice in fishing can give you advice and information, you can use the practical guides of the RYA. They contain pretty valuable information which will help you hugely to become better and better. If you have decided to go fishing with a boat, the RYA Fishing Afloat is the guide for you. It explains the peculiarities of fishing underway, adrift and at anchor. It clarifies how to make the right connections and you can also find advice on how to prepare your catch for the table.

If you are considering sea fishing, be sure to get the RYA Pocket Guide to Sea Fishing Rigs. It is the handy book for sea anglers. There you will find information about different types of sea rigs, you will learn how to use them and where you should use them. That is important to ensure that you use the right type of rigs for the specific species of fish. The Pocket Guide to Sea Fishing Rigs is convenient, because there you find the different rig types divided into categories and that makes it easy and quick to find the information on the rig you are interested in. You can learn about surface, float, bottom, and lure fishing rigs while the illustrations will help you get the best idea of the details of the rigs and of the tying processes for different situations.

Where Can I Find Fishing Courses?

The most practical and useful courses you can take if you want to do a fishing boat training course are the RYA courses. An RYA fishing boat training course is a combination of the Level 2 powerboat course with indispensable additional techniques for handling small fishing boats. Courses on fishing boat training typically last two days and include training in open waters. There you can learn the basics of handling a fishing boat in order to get really good at operating it when you go fishing.

The RYA Level 2 powerboat course is another opportunity you can take if you want to learn powerboating or need to refresh your skills. During the course, you will learn about anchoring techniques, mooring to buoys, and other techniques you must know to sail a powerboat.

Are There Opportunities for a Career?

If you are interested in a career related to fishing, you can consider taking a course to work as a powerboat or personal watercraft instructor.You can complete a RYA course to become an instructor and teach other people to handle their fishing boats with ease, master the techniques needed, and enjoy going fishing. You can arrange your instructor training with RYA courses for Powerboat and Personal Watercraft Instructor Training. When you become a certified instructor, you can teach beginners a combined course in fishing boat training. You will be able to teach the boat related techniques trainees need to master in order to operate fishing boats smoothly and maintain them to be able to steer them well when they go fishing in them.

Do I Need to Be Fit?

You should be in a good state of fitness in order to go fishing and handle a fishing boat. You do not need to have the muscles of an athlete, but being in good shape and doing regular exercise can help you steer better your boat, react to situations and go about fishing.

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